C2: Alternative Services

758 Pine Street
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

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Who Are We?

C2: Alternative Services is a consulting firm serving local government and business clients with programs to enhance environmental performance.  We are based in Northern California.  Since our inception in 1994, we have been known for our hands-on style, flexibility and innovation.

Welcome to C2: Alternative Services!!

Our environmental education and outreach programs are designed to foster positive behavior change.  We use principles of Community-Based Social Marketing to identify barriers and develop messages that resonate with their intended target audiences. 

We are fortunate to have relationships with local government clients for whom we develop and manage programs over many years.  We also enjoy shorter-term projects to address specific needs.

Our innovative projects include one-to-one outreach with populations as diverse as boaters, commercial food businesses, 4-wheel drive enthusiasts, multi-family residents, and adult students of ESL (English as a Second Language).   We have developed programs on many topics such as recycling, proper disposal of used motor oil and other household hazardous wastes, green building, and watershed protection. We offer special services in environmental outreach to Spanish-speaking people, including a live hotline. 


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